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Life & Fork’s catering and personal chef services are able to deliver a healthy and delicious menu for any cuisine and any occasion.


From a romantic dinner for two to an intimate feast for close friends; you may be after some simple finger food for your next corporate lunch or wish to spoil all of your guests with our delectable list of canapes at your wedding, birthday or next special event.

Whatever the occasion, we can take care of the entire service for you. Using only the best and freshest local produce available, you are guaranteed a dining experience to remember—not to mention the luxury of an immaculate kitchen when we leave!

Get in touch via the enquiry form below and we will happily send you an info pack to suit your needs!



Weddings are such an individual thing, there is no such thing as one size fits all!

We want your special day to be one that everyone will remember fondly and have created lists of different recipes roaming food options to suit almost any taste and theme.

Wedding photography via MIRANDA STOKKEL



We can create a menu featuring any style of finger food you require for your next special event. Cold or hot canape options, something a little more substantial including mini bowls, and of course, a list of irresistible dessert canapes to finish off that special dinner or cocktail party!


Photography C/O KGMG Creative



With our personal chef service, you really can relax and take pleasure in your own dinner party. It’s as if the restaurant has been brought to your dining room; Enjoy the company of your guests while you share a world-class dining experience in the comfort of your own home.


Photography C/O KGMG Creative



Erica’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the worlds highest performing kitchens is at your disposal. Life & Fork offers assistance in menu development to help you create unique, seasonal dishes and can also assist in creating simple kitchen systems that put your team in the best position to execute every item on the menu.

Photos C/O Mount Towrong, Adam Neylon

If you’d like to learn more about our catering and event services fill in your details below and we’ll be in touch!

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