Why Cook with Us?

Five Good Reasons to Cook With Us

1. We Think Big

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We really, really love to cook.

And we want to make every class and every meal astounding.

So when we’re designing classes we think about lifestyle, about local produce and about making the most of the seasons.

Offered in the heart of good food country—the Macedon Ranges is home to some of Victoria’s finest produce—Life and Fork teaches you how to best use your produce; how to incorporate many different culinary cultures; the science behind your cooking—and affordable and nutritious cooking skills for life.

2. Kids Like Us!

We have a proven track record engaging and teaching children from all walks of life.

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Our classes are fun, confidence building, innovative and affordable. They allow space for making friends and igniting passion.

We believe children can and want to learn real skills—from how to use a knife properly to cooking the perfect steak and complex dishes; from understanding the science behind various cooking methods to incorporating history, mathematics, literacy and languages in the kitchen.

Wherever possible, we promote and utilise the concept of ‘dirt to dish’—while focusing on practical cooking skills that your children can really use at home, see their own progress and feel proud of the results.

3. We Help With Your Grocery Budget

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to cook a gorgeous meal.

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You just need to know how to use your products to get the best out of them.

We teach adults and children alike what to look for when you shop and how to take an everyday cut of meat and make it exceptional.

Ultimately, it is possible to cook restaurant quality meals on a budget. We help you to develop this skill so you can apply it successfully in your everyday life.

4. We’re Flexible

There are millions of amazing dishes out there. And we don’t presume to know exactly which ones you’re eager to tackle.

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So we’re happy to talk to you about tailoring a class specifically for you.

From a Lady’s Lunch cooking a three-course meal over a leisurely afternoon with friends (matched with a local wine of course!) to a private lesson; from a birthday cooking party to school incursions for children with special learning needs—we really do have something to offer everyone.

5. You Get a Skilled Teacher, Not Just a Skilled Chef

Life and Fork provides cooking classes with a qualified trainer who is attentive to the learning needs of students of all abilities.

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Whether you’re a novice or an expert, our classes are based on established learning methods and are enjoyable, encouraging and individualised.

Not only have we cooked with and for some of the best chefs and restaurants around the world. We’re also both skilled and passionate about sharing our great love—cooking.