Childrens & Teenage Cooking

Childrens & Teenage Cooking

Mini Master chef program 2014

8 week program

MMC program takes children through various stages of cooking,where children can and want to learn real skills—from how to use a knife properly to cooking the perfect steak and complex dishes; from understanding the science behind various cooking methods to incorporating history, mathematics, literacy and languages in the kitchen.

Wherever possible, we promote and utilise the concept of ‘dirt to dish’—while focusing on practical cooking skills that your children can really use at home, see their own progress and feel proud of the results.


February Monday  3rd  4.00 – 5.30pm St Ambrose.
February Wednesday 5th 4.00- 5.30 pm Norma Richardson Hall.


February Monday 3rd 6.oo – 7.30pm St Ambrose.

Cost $140 per person for 8 weeks

Teenage Tuesdays

February Tues 4th 4.15 – 5.45 pm

@ Woodend Neighbourhood House

Throughout the year this class will learn a variety of signature dishes.

This class will start with basic knife skills and how to keep them sharp, with kitchen/food safety knowledge. Then each week a signature dish will be cooked where we will boil, strain, sauté, blanch,mash and steam. Making stocks, soups, sauces and a whole lot more from a variety of cultures such as Italian, French and Asian. We will cook foods from raviolis to salmon , braises to steaks, and Phos to Laskas as well as delectable desserts. Organoleptic tasting will be included in some of these classes, where food experiments will take place to gain an understanding about our senses and how they play a part in enhancing our food experience. Whilst developing confidence in the kitchen where recipes can be adapted to suit whats in the pantry and budgets available.

Cost $148 for 8 week course

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@ 4.00-5.30




Beginners St Ambrose / Norma Richardson Hall ; Advanced St Ambrose