Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Adult Classes


4 consecutive weeks  6.30 -8.30pm

April 10th – May 1st
May 14th –  June 4th 

A Hands on , informative class where you’ll learn basic fundamentals of cooking , starting with knife skills and food safety then salads, mains and dessert. You’ll gain tips for family cooking, nutrition and bulk cooking, as well as essential pantry bits and bobs. Be prepared to leave with new friends, a full stomach and recipes. The class size is small to maximise your learning.

@ $150 per person

Classic French

April Thurs 24th 11-2pm
April Sat 26th 11-2pm 

Recreate some french classics, learn some traditional techniques, and fine out how easy it can be then  sit down at the end to enjoy the delicious food you made.

3 hr class @ $55 per person

Seafood at your Table

May Thurs 8th 11- 2pm
May Sat 17th  11 – 2pm

Learn how to prepare a wonderful array of seafood and fillet whole fish, which we will create an entree, main course and an a accompanied dessert.Then sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

3 hr class @ $55 per person

Taste of The Ranges

March Sat 22nd 10-3

Using local and seasonal produce, which we have an abundance of close to hand, we’ll create several meals from the ranges and then we can sit and enjoy and eat our dishes. Come and see what’s on offer and available locally, a fun and informative lesson on local farm gate to plate.

5hr class @$90 per person